Going Gluten and GMO-Grain Free

Preparation is key!
July 2, 2010, 9:19 am
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As I was replying to Amanda’s comment on my last post, I realized that a new post had been sparked.

Thanks for your great comment and advice, Amanda! This one’s for you!

I’ve suspected eczema for sometime now… but have been told repeatedly by doctors that it isn’t the case. Although, with most of the doctors visits I’ve had in the past I was highly unprepared. One of the hardest parts in the diagnosis process has been that my symptoms come and go and are more visible right after eating and showering. It is almost impossible to “make” myself have a reaction so that the doctor can see it with his or her own eyes. Now that I am REALLY serious about finding the cause of these ailments, I have thought a lot about how I can better prepare for a first visit with my next doctor.

Some of my ideas are:

Gathering recent (and old, if significant) medical records

Taking pictures of the outbreaks as they occur

Listing the different types of reactions and making a note of when they occur most often
I have definitely considered doing an elimination diet. I’m just a little confused on where and how to start. Right now, I am working on finding a doctor who will be able to help me gather a list of “safe” foods. My main problem with compiling this list is that I suspect some fruits and veggies are the cause of these ailments. Did any of you who have tried this process include any grains in your diet when first starting or were those completely eliminated? What foods did you start out eating? How often do you introduce a new food?

I completely agree with Amanda’s idea about the food cravings being linked to the intolerance we suffer from. For the longest time, I was “addicted” to oatmeal in the morning. It is fast, filling, and could be stored in my desk drawer at work. Come to find out, I am severely allergic to oats! Similar story with shrimp… I had my food allergy test done on a Friday and that weekend I had shrimp three times! Shrimp skewers, shrimp tempura, and shrimp cocktail. By Monday afternoon, when the doctor called with the results, I was doubled-over in pain. I can’t remember for sure, but it is a good possibility that I had oatmeal for breakfast that morning too!


I am tired….
June 30, 2010, 7:15 pm
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Tired of feeling like crap that is! Blunt, I know! But those of you who know me, know that I really can’t spit it out any other way. I am so frustrated with my daily ailments. I haven’t had a “good” day in weeks and I could really use a break from feeling so awful.

Here’s the scoop:
My stomach problems have improved so much over the last few months and I am positive that it has something to do with the lack of gluten in my diet. I have limited my grains, began buying local and organic, and listened to my body. Even after all of my effort, I still have fairly frequent tummy issues that I just can’t seem to resolve.

I have become quite accustomed to the stomach problems but what really has me down is the constant itching and redness of my skin! I get welt-like, itchy, red blotches all over my body (more profound on my face, neck, chest, and back) after showering and white (almost zit-like) , extremely itchy bumps in the same areas (but mostly on my jaw-line and neck) after eating. Pretty much all day I am suffering! I have to take Benadryl just to sleep at night.

I do see a connection between some of the stomach and skin issues.

I have tried to eat the same foods and meals repeatedly to see if the reactions are the same, but I just can’t find the pattern. My only hunches are possible reactions to mushrooms and garlic. Anyone have a good, safe at-home food allergy testing method? I’ve read about taping a piece of the suspect food to your inner wrist overnight and watching for a reaction… anyone tried this?

So enough with the complaining… here are a couple of my next steps:

Find a naturopathic doctor who is willing to listen to my laundry list of complaints without judgment and be able to provide some solid feedback. Any recommendations in the Portland area?

I am researching how to plan a structured elimination diet so that I can one-by-one introduce foods back into my diet. I think this will help me pin point some of my allergy foods. I just need to work up the will-power to be as strict as necessary for this plan to work.

I would love to hear any of your experiences or suggestions!