Going Gluten and GMO-Grain Free


I am a married twenty-something living in beautiful Portland, Oregon and writing an honest blog about overcoming food allergies and eating a restricted diet.


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(Sorry for the earlier post, which I cannot edit anymore. Some parts of the comment were overwritten, so it read weird. Sorry about that, you can delete the earlier one.)
Hi! I’m glad to find your blog; although I’m not exactly on the same gluten-free road, I am looking for ways for a healthier diet. No, I am not concerned about my weight; well I actually am, if I think of it this way: I have lost weight dramatically due to an auto-immune disorder, with an overactive thyroid that causes me to feel weak and low in energy. I am taking medication now but I hope to improve my life and energy levels with healthy food and lifestyle.

I just started my blog http://locaformocha.wordpress.com/, which I hope will help me in coping.

I read you moved to Portland recently, my sister and her husband lives in Everett, WA. Me, I live in Sydney, many many air kilometers away…

Good luck on your journey, I will be back visiting.

Comment by locaformocha


It is always good to hear stories from others… I’ve found that sometimes people that are on a slightly different path can be the most supportive. Your blog has some delicious looking recipes on it! I’ll have to try Adobo! Yum!
Thanks for stopping by, look forward to hearing from you soon.


Comment by Katie

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