Going Gluten and GMO-Grain Free

The First Few Days
February 1, 2010, 11:16 pm
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Sunday was a really good day. I ate well on Saturday, but I am really proud of myself for the progress I made yesterday. We also got some cleaning done and I even managed to snag an hour-long nap :-).

I went to Trader Joe’s in the morning and picked up a few extra things that I didn’t get at Whole Foods the day before. Some of the hardest things about this whole change are finding stores nearby that carry organic foods and the cost of buying organic. On an average, we spend about $75 a week on groceries for my husband and I. This weekend we ended up spending $140 at Whole Foods and another $40 at Trader Joe’s. My new goal is to find a more cost-effective way of shopping. I’m thinking that only buying meat and specialty items at Whole Foods is the way to go.

 I also experimented with mayonnaise substitutes at lunchtime yesterday. I made an egg salad for myself and a tuna salad for my husband (who despises hard-boiled eggs). In both, I added chopped onion and dill pickles, but the main ingredient….. Non-fat Greek yogurt.  We scooped the salads onto hearts of romaine leaves and enjoyed. Even my picky-eater of a husband thought is was delicious.

Our only issue… we were both pretty hungry throughout the day. I snacked quite a bit but made really good choices when I did. I had tomatoes and carrots dipped in humus and dried mangoes. My husband and I also shared an orange and had some chocolate chip cookies (gluten, egg, and grain free) that my sister baked. I think that as long as the foods we are eating are healthy we shouldn’t limit ourselves on how many times we eat. I also didn’t overeat once yesterday which was such a relief to my digestive system.

My sister and I have relied on elanaspantry.com and Elana’s The Almond Flour Cookbook for a lot of our recipes. She has some really tasty dishes and deserts. We plan on having a “baking” day this coming weekend so we can try to make a few more of her recipes. Be sure to check out her page that provides detailed information about the ingredients she uses in her recipes.

I must also say that I am really proud of my husband. He was pretty set in his ways before we started this, and I even gave him the option to opt-out, but he has been excellent over the last few days. He has researched restaurants and bakeries and given me tons of feedback on what we are eating. This morning we were discussing what his lunch options were because he ate all the tuna that was supposed to be left over for his lunch today :-). It is quite difficult to find good places to eat in the area where he works so I reassured him that it was okay if he strayed from the “diet.” When I texted him around 1:30pm to see how his lunch went, he responded with “I found a Trader Joe’s….. I also got some gluten-free ginger cookies.” Gosh, I love that man! I was a little weary of how supportive he would be (he loves his donuts, pastries, and pasta) but he has been amazing as usual. Now if we could only settle the grass-fed beef argument….


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